BookPay- Its hassle free

BookPay is an end-to-end self-service digital platform (mobile and web) for bus booking, enabling travelers to book and pay for bus tickets using mobile money,VISA or BookPay travel card. Our Vision is to create a travel card accepted at every bus terminal in Africa. Read more.....

BookPay Desktop

We are eagerly waiting to take your call and Book a ticket for you. Upon advice on how you
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BookPay Web

At the comfort of your office or home, use BookPay web to search for a bus to your next
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BookPay Mobile

We have designed an app to offer you a great travelling experience by enabling you to have a
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Wow ....Bookpay made my travel booking experience fast and simple.......i didn't hustle getting a bus ticket.Keep it up.


It's time for Africa to take a lead in robust and scalable systems that address real problems. Bravo BookPay


BookPay has taken a step to make a universal travel card that works across all African bus terminals.  Carry On BookPay. You make us proud

Travel safely